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Unpaved Road Chemical Treatments: Where are we after 110 years of use?

David Jones, University of California 

Key Points:

  1. History of the use of chemical treatments on unpaved roads
  2. Understanding the role and potential benefits of chemical treatments in unpaved road management programs
  3. How the chemical treatment sector compares with other road industry sectors
  4. Initiatives to address some of the problems identified
  5. Way forward

David is Associate Director, University of California Pavement Research Centre University of California – Davis, Chair of Transdavid-jonesportation Research Board Committee on Low Volume Roads (AFB30)
Scope: This committee is concerned with all aspects of low-volume roads including planning, design, construction, safety, maintenance, operations, environmental and social issues.  One part of David’s research in low volume roads has involved the use of chemical treatments for fines preservation as part of unpaved road management programs as a means of improving all-weather passability and extending the periods between routine maintenance interventions and between regravelling exercises.  David will share his considerable knowledge on this topic and many others at our workshop.



Safer Journeys and the Safe System approach: Applicability to Low Volume Roads

Colin Brodie, New Zealand Transport Agency 

New Zealand’s road safety strategy, Safer Journeys, and the Safe System approach has been around for over seven years now. We have heard about the need for forgiving roads and roadsides, safer speeds and safer vehicles. We have seen a greater roll out of wire rope barriers on high volume, high risk highways. However, how does this all relate to developing countries or low volume roads in New Zealand where money is a scarce commodity?

Colin is a Chief Advisor: Safety for the New Zealand Transport Agency. He has over 40 years’ experience in road design, traffic engineering and road safety. Colin has been a member of the Austroads Safety Task Force for over 10 years, helping guide the implementation of the Safe System, and was also a member of the OECD/ITF working group for the publication of the Zero Road Deaths & Serious Injuries research report in 2016.


Workshop MC – Jim Hopkins


Further speaker details: LVR 2017 speakers overview



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