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Mr Koorosh Olyai

Senior Principal, Advanced Transportation Management Systems, Stantec US

If there’s one thing that Koorosh knows, it’s how to build communities and keep them moving.  He has over 35 years of experience planning, developing, and managing highway and transit facilities. He’s also an expert in advanced transportation technologies and an international authority on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

Koorosh has overseen many complex and highly advanced multimodal transportation projects in his career.  These include the implementation of Dallas’s 84 miles of managed high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes and the development and launch of the Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) system for the city’s US 75 Corridor.  In addition to freeway design and project management, he offers expertise in transportation analysis, ICM system operations, and rapid-transit-system planning.

As a senior principal, Koorosh helps accelerate the delivery of ITS projects and other transportation assignments across the company.  For example, his contributions to the Integrated Corridor Management: Decision Support System and Business Rules report, published by the US Department of Transportation, will provide guidance and direction to agencies pursuing ICM projects.  

When he’s not supporting a project’s momentum, Koorosh enjoys reading history books, watching PBS, and catching up on current affairs.

Stephen Hewett

Business Director – Transport Advisory Global for Beca 

Stephen has over 30 years’ experience in all facets of transportation engineer including   planning, design, operations and performance of our transport systems. In his current role as Business Director, Stephen is actively pursuing growth opportunities that are developing from advancements in transport technology. This has piqued his interest in future skills and training that will be required to take advantage of this technology. Stephen was also involved in a research project looking at future skills and training requirements for the New Zealand Transport sector.

Through his role at Beca and involvement with Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) New Zealand as Vice-President (International), Stephen has become acutely aware of the knowledge gaps and skills that will be required to take advantage of emerging transport technology. 

Douglas Wilson

Senior Lecturer, Director of Transportation Engineering Laboratories, University of Auckland

Doug has over 30 years experience working in academic positions, private engineering consultancies, and local and central government engineering agencies in the transportation, traffic engineering and transport policy sector.  His research interests are varied and include highway and transportation facility design,  traffic safety, urban and rural transportation systems, active modes, intelligent mobility, technologies and systems, pavement surface characteristics, transport material sustainability and resource use, recycling and the needs and design for the mobility disadvantaged.

Doug is a founding member of the Transportation Research Centre (TRC) in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Auckland. He was seconded to the Ministry of Transport as a Strategy Director in 2014 and has been involved in a various central and local government research projects including Future Transport Funding, Travel Demand Management and Congestion Pricing, Scoping a NZ National Transport Model, Future Transport workforce Skills and Inductive Power Transfer (wireless) charging of Electric Vehicles dynamically within roadways.  

Jared Thomas

Research Manager Behavioural Sciences, WSP Opus 

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Graham Taylor

NZ Transport Agency

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Peter Kortegast

Transportation Engineer, WSP Opus

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John Houlker

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