The parent body website is reaaa.org

The 108th Meeting of the REAAA Governing Council was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 7 November 2017.

The REAAA Governing Council has recently adopted a Strategic Plan developed by the Council under the leadership of Vice President, Gerard Waldron (CEO ARRB).  The plan has been developed in recognition of the need to provide greater value to the REAAA’s members and the limited time that Council members are able to dedicate to the day to day running of REAAA.    The Plan has five Strategic Goals together with a 3 year implementation plan.

  • Notable aspects of the implementation plan :
    • Appointment of a CEO to drive the implementation of the plan
    • Formation of an Executive Management Team comprising representatives from each of the Chapters with the suggestion that they be drawn from the REAAA Young Professionals group; which generally comprises young professionals from national road controlling authorities.
    • Evolution of the function of the Governing Council to focus on governance and strategic direction.

The REAAA Governing Council adopted the following strategic objective in 2010:

To meet the needs of members in terms of their professional development through the provision of technology interchange, technology transfer and other services which result in an enhancement of the quality of good road engineering practice, improved cooperation and a reduction in the duplication of effort.


Institutional Members